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When Someone Dies

When a death occurs it is always difficult to know what to do first. Our aim at Bewleys is to provide our clients with a funeral service that will offer them the guidance they need at each stage of the arranging process in an open, empathetic and considerate manner.
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At the time of death

In Hospital

Most people die in hospital and this usually takes any urgency out of the
requirements; most hospitals have a mortuary where the deceased will be looked
after while the family start to make funeral arrangements. Most large hospitals
have a department called Patient Affairs. Please liaise with Patient Affairs regarding
collection of the Death Certificate and personal belongings. Later on, the funeral
director will liaise with the hospital and collect the deceased from the mortuary.

In a Nursing Home / Hospice

If the person has died in a nursing home (or any similar establishment), the officer in charge or Matron will need to know the family's choice of funeral director so that a reasonably prompt arrangement can be made for the deceased to be collected. In these circumstances the deceased's GP or another doctor will issue the Medical Cause of Death Certificate. It is possible, but unlikely that the Coroner may be involved; if this should be the case, the Coroner will arrange for collection of the deceased into his care and will deal with death certification later on. Once the doctor has been, please telephone us for the person to be taken to our chapel of rest.

At Home

If someone dies at home, their doctor should be the first person you contact.. One of two
procedures may now follow. If the death is sudden or unnatural in anyway, the doctor will refer the death to the Coroner who will arrange collection of the deceased and perform an autopsy before issuing death certification. If the doctor is satisfied as to cause of death and that it is entirely natural, it is likely that he will issue the Medical Cause of Death Certificate and allow you to arrange privately for the deceased to be collected by a funeral director. We provide experienced staff 24 hours a day to effect this usually within an hour of your call.

Public Place

If the person dies in a public place it suggests that it may be sudden and unexpected. It is almost certain that the Coroner would be involved in such a death and would arrange for collection of the deceased and perform an autopsy before issuing death certification.

What to do when someone dies away from home:
When someone dies away from home, either within the UK or anywhere
abroad, contact us and we can make all the necessary arrangements.

When someone dies