DJ Bewley Funeral Directors

Burial / Cremation

Bewley Funeral Directors are experienced in the planning and organisation of both
burials and cremations as a part of our services. When considering your choices of
funeral services we will use all our expertise in making the burial or cremation
tailored to your requests and requirements. Choices can be influenced by a number
of factors including religion, family tradition or the wishes of the deceased.

There are many things to consider when choosing between burial and cremation
and we will be happy to discuss your options with you, and advise on any local
regulations and services as applicable. Shown below are the various aspects to
consider in your choice.

A cremation is conducted at a crematorium and can cost substantially less than a
burial. There is a strict time limit to the length of service at the crematorium, but you
can have a longer service elsewhere, such as a church, before attending the
crematorium. Alternatively we can offer a unique alternative chapel at our premises
where the service can be held for a more private service for no more than 25
people. (the chapel can be used for both burial and cremation)

After cremation you will be offered the ashes, to conduct your procedure as you
wish. The final resting place of the ashes is your decision.

You can keep them in an urn designed for the purpose, scatter or bury them in a
special place. You don’t have to make a decision instantly and can take your time to
decide at a later date.

Burials take place, usually on consecrated ground such as churchyards although
woodland burials in a more natural setting are available in many areas. A decision
for a burial may be based on existing factors such as burial plots already set aside.

You may have a family plot or opt to start one and this can be significant in your
decision. At Bewley’s Funeral directors we can arrange for a existing family plot to
be re-opened and the headstone removed before burial and arrange for a new
stone or existing inscription to be added.

Burial space can be limited and expensive and if the funeral is not pre-arranged or
pre-paid this can be prohibitive.

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