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Pre Paid funeral Plans

The most thoughtful decision you could ever make

Pre-paid funerals allow the advance planning of a funeral, whilst paying the costs in
advance at today’s prices. A pre-arranged funeral service provides peace of mind for you,
knowing that your funeral will be arranged exactly how you would like.
Some pre-paid funeral plans are insurance based and require the constant payment
of a monthly fee to maintain cover and some pre-paid funeral plans, like the ones we
offer require a single payment that can be paid in instalments.
Through Golden Charter, we offer fully bespoke pre-paid funeral plans that are
guaranteed; the funds being held in a separate trust, managed by independent
trustees. We have a long history with Golden Charter and work closely with their
team, whilst they in turn support our clients with an out of hours helpline.
Why choose a pre-paid funeral?
Financial security, your loved ones won’t be charged a penny more for our services
Value for money
Reduce the burden to the family at a difficult and distressing time
Assurance that personal wishes are carried out

The pre-paid funeral plans we offer are competitively priced whilst maintaining true
flexibility. All pre-paid funeral plans can be cancelled, amended and are transferable
should you move to a new area. They offer a full choice of nominated funeral director
and have a number of ways to spread the payments.

If you would like some more information or would like a brochure sent out to you please contact us

Burial space can be limited and expensive and if the funeral is not pre-arranged or
pre-paid this can be prohibitive.

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