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Green/woodland Funerals

Green Funerals
The characteristics of a green funeral are simplicity, consideration for the
environment such as the use for sustainable or natural products or services and a
deliberate rejection of conventional memorialisation.
Key Features:
A coffin that is ideally made from sustainable local natural products including
cardboard, bamboo, seagrass, willow or sustained wood. (link to coffin range)
No chemical body preparation such as embalming.
No cremation, which is usually understood to be environmentally damaging.
Burial at a site that serves as a site for conservation with no or very limited grave
marking – perhaps only with a tree
At most woodland burial grounds a native tree is planted on (or close to) the grave.

The site is managed to encourage native wildlife, plants and wild flowers.
Some grounds are privately owned or owned by nature charities. Others are areas in
county council cemeteries.
Woodland burial site costs vary according to the facilities on offer at the site.
Our local woodland Burial grounds:

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